Superman is on track to have himself a super weekend, if the latest box office projections are to be believed.

The Wrap reports that "Man of Steel" is set to make at least $100 million when it opens in 4,207 theaters on Friday, with studio Warner Bros. and industry analysts setting that number anywhere between $85 million to $105 million.

Exhibitor Relations vice president and senior analyst Jeff Bock told The Wrap that only 24 films have ever hit the $100 million mark on opening weekend, and that rare feat can translate into even bigger box office returns down the line thanks to the media attention it brings. Bock also said it was likely that "Man of Steel" could easily over-perform its early estimates.

"Comic book movies can do that," he said. "Because of the fan boys, these movies have more power behind them than most films, and this one really is highly anticipated."

Warner Bros. is hoping "Man of Steel" is its ticket to a "Dark Knight"-level of international success for the flagging Superman franchise, which flopped in its last attempted reboot with 2006's "Superman Returns." But with "Dark Knight"'s Christopher Nolan producing "Man of Steel," it seems likely that our hero can soar to tall heights once more.

"Man of Steel" opens June 14.

[via The Wrap]

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