Another trailer for "The Wolverine" expands on the action-packed previous clips, while also delving deeper into our titular hero's immortality dilemma.

As Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) struggles with whether or not to accept an offer to become mortal, villain Viper (Svetlana Khodchenkova) appears and relieves him of a choice in the matter, stripping him of his immortality and the ability to immediately heal from injuries. This clip gives audiences even more glimpses of the villainess, with her long, waggling tongue, and slinky, slithery movements.

"What are you?" someone asks her.

"A chemist. A capitalist. A viper," she replies, her voice oozing with sinister coldness.

The clip foreshadows a difficult road ahead for Wolverine. In addition to the task of facing down a host of bad guys with the threat of real injury hanging over his head, there's also this prediction from Yukio (Rila Fukushima): "I saw you die."

We'll have to wait until July 26 to see if that premonition comes true.

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