Jennifer Lopez will be heading to Chile this fall to film "The 33," a drama about the 33 miners who were trapped underground for 69 traumatic days in 2010, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

Dapper Spanish actor Antonio Banderas will be playing Mario Sepulveda, the second miner to surface; nicknamed Super Mario, he became the face of the miners and the "breakout" media star of the group. Martin Sheen is on board to play a father of one of the miners, and Rodrigo Santoro will play the first miner to be rescued. "The 33" will be produced by Mike Medavoy ("Black Swan," "Shutter Island," "All the King's Men"), who was the first to snag the rights to the miners' story.

The movie, from a script by Mikko Alanne and Jose Rivera, will depict the struggles of the trapped miners, their worried families, and the people organizing the rescue. The miners contributed to the script, providing new details about their ordeal, including the 17 days they were trapped underground without contact.

It's been a while since Jennifer Lopez has taken on a dramatic role, though the triple-threat star's performance in "Selena" -- as the titular murdered singer-songwriter -- was arguably what put her on the map.

"The 33" will be directed by Patricia Riggen, who's known for independent films centered on women, such as her 2007 debut "Under the Same Moon" and "Girl in Progress" (with Eva Mendes).

[via THR]
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