While it looks as though most of the major players from "The Avengers" won't be going anywhere for the sequel, one character who's definitely not returning is the bad guy, Loki.

Director Joss Whedon spilled the beans about the Norse god, played by Tom Hiddleston, during a recent appearance on the Empire Film Podcast. When asked about a speech Loki delivers to Black Widow that ends with the villain calling the Avenger a "mewling quim," Whedon revealed there are no plans for a similar speech in "Avengers 2."

"Imitating what I did before is the surest way to do it not as well," he explained. "Second of all, Loki is not there to say those terrible things."

Loki's absence from the sequel could mean that he meets his doom in the upcoming "Thor" follow-up, "The Dark World," due out November 8. Screen Rant points out that Thor vows to kill his evil adopted brother in the "Dark World" trailer, so the theory isn't too far off, especially since the movie is a purported redemption story for Loki -- and those don't often end well.

Whedon is introducing mutant twin siblings Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch in "Avengers 2," which could potentially set them up to become the villains, depending on which Marvel mythology he elects to follow. But whoever it is that's antagonizing the Avengers, Whedon says he doesn't take killing off characters lightly -- "I don't find people to be expendable," he said -- and there shouldn't be too much concern for our heroes' safety.

As for other information about the film, Whedon wouldn't get into the specifics, although he did say there are still several details that need to be ironed out with the script.

"There's some science in it, which means I have scenes where someone says, 'Science the sciencey science!' And then I'm like, 'I'll fix that later,'" Whedon said.

We vote for Robert Downey Jr. as most likely to deliver the line "sciencey science" with a straight face. We'll see if that makes it into the "Avengers 2" final cut, due out May 1, 2015.

[via Empire Film Podcast h/t Screen Rant]

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