"Veronica Mars" and Zach Braff, what hast thou wrought? Now James Franco wants in on the crowdfunding party, with the actor turning to to finance a micro-budget feature.

The "This Is the End" star wants to raise $500,000 so the crew of filmmakers he's gathered can adapt his book of short stories, "Palo Alto." The plan is to split the project into a trilogy of feature films ("Memoria," "Killing Animals," and "Yosemite"), with Vladimir Bourdeau, Bruce Thierry Cheung, Nina Ljeti, and Gabriel Demestree behind the camera. Interestingly enough, Franco has already collaborated with some of these people; Cheung was one of many directors of "Tar," in which Franco played poet C.K. Williams, and Ljeti has appeared in several movies that Franco has worked on.

According to the Indiegogo page for this project, all profits will go to a charitable organization called Art of Elysium. Franco writes, "Working with Art of Elysium has given me the opportunity to share my creativity with hospitalized children and give them the gift of creativity." For a mere $450, you can get a personalized voicemail from Franco, plus things like a signed high school yearbook photo of the star. Shelling out $5,000 will get you a "cast credit role," which includes "star treatment" like hair and makeup. And for a $7,000 donation, you can get an original Franco painting. (If you've seen "This Is The End," you've gotten a taste of Franco's artistic prowess.)

Granted, this is a small project for up-and-coming filmmakers that would be difficult to drum up funding for, but is this worth your cold hard cash? It's not clear if these are people that Franco met in grad school or if they were his students, but either way, it would be hard for these films to get off the ground without his name attached.

[via Indiegogo h/t THR]

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