This weekend sees the release of Pixar's 14th feature film, "Monsters University," a prequel that takes the "Monsters Inc." crew back to the early days of Scaring 101 and all-nighters. While it has all the levity and heart of a typical Pixar movie, the blueprints are decidedly adult. With a love for films like "Revenge of the Nerds" and "Animal House," Team Pixar has found a way to use their pre-existing characters to craft a straight-up college party movie (or a G-rated college party movie, for any worried parents out there).

Taking adult-themed films and reworking them for a child's consumption is nothing new in Hollywood. If it worked the first time, when it was filled with raunchy humor and/or heady violence, why not replace the gratuitous bloodshed with flowers and candy to make it more age-appropriate?

Here are eight movies that took the foundation of a hard-hitting drama or an R-rated comedy and riffed on them enough that the MPAA approved it for the young ones. OK, the young ones and their parents:

Monsters University - Trailer No. 2