Critics and fans are split down the middle about the new Superman reboot, "Man of Steel," but one thing's for sure: The final battle between Supes and General Zod wreaks absolute havoc on Metropolis.

A disaster expert named Charles Watson, of Watson Technical Consulting (WTC), went to impressive lengths to calculate the damage their battle would have actually caused, in terms of human and financial loss. According to BuzzFeed, WTC estimates the total cost of the destruction at $2 trillion, with property damage alone accounting for approximately $700 billion, compared to the $55 billion that resulted from 9/11. Even more staggering is that figure doesn't factor in loss of life or the long-term economic impact.

WTC puts the body count at 129,000, with over 250,000 missing and nearly a million injured.

The budget for all this simulated damage? A relatively paltry $225 million. So far, "Man of Steel" has brought in over $201 million worldwide -- and a sequel is already in the works.

​[via BuzzFeed]

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