Amy Adams has always wanted to be in a superhero movie, she tells Allure Magazine, but is convinced she would never play the hero.

"Let's be real here. I don't look that good in Lycra. I do all right, but I hadn't anticipated that I was ever going to be cast as the girl in Lycra looking hot," Adams tells Allure in this month's issue.

The 38-year-old actress explains that her role as "mere mortal" Lois Lane in "Man of Steel" is much more her speed compared to playing a sexed-up heroine, and goes on to talk about her imperfections and Hollywood's ideals of beauty.

"I have no features without makeup," Adams says. "I am pale. I have blonde lashes."

"Perfect isn't normal, nor is it interesting," she continues. "Some of these actresses or public personas who are very public about their disciplined diets, more power to them. I just don't see the point."

Sounds like someone isn't giving herself enough credit!

[via Us Weekly]

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