The YA books inspiring the upcoming adaptation of "The Maze Runner" are full of mystery, but now audiences have one more clue to help them piece together the plot.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Patricia Clarkson ("Shutter Island," "Lars and the Real Girl") has signed on to play a character who holds the key to the movie's central questions, including why a group of boys with no memory of how they got there must run an ever-changing stone maze day after day. That group is led by Thomas ("Teen Wolf" star Dylan O'Brien), a recent arrival who starts asking questions of his fellow maze runners to try to piece together what's happening to them.

Warning: The full identity of Clarkson's character is a SPOILER, so to those not familiar with the books: Stop reading now if you wish to be surprised about the role.

Clarkson will play Chancellor Ava Paige, the woman in charge of an organization known as WICKED -- World In Catastrophe: Killzone Experiment Department -- which has been testing children's strength and intelligence in an effort to discover who among them possesses the greatest resistance to a disease that has decimated the global population. Just how that plays into the maze is unclear, but Paige takes a special interest in Thomas, setting in motion the events of the series.

The rest will be up to moviegoers to discover. "The Maze Runner" is due out Feb. 14, 2014.

[via Entertainment Weekly]
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