We thought we were only going to get two more doses of Sony's Spidey, but as it turns out we can now expect a quadrilogy from 'The Amazing Spider-Man' franchise.

Following Monday's exciting news, the Internet has been buzzing with various speculations of what "Spider-Man 3 and 4" will include. From villains to casting to reboots of Sam Raimi's failed attempts, the web of possibilities is wide open.

Just to throw in our own two cents -- and think five years ahead -- we've devised a list of predictions of what we can expect to see in the future of our web-slinging superhero. Share your thoughts and speculations in the comments below!

1. Peter Parker's origin story, finally.
At first it appeared that Marc Webb's first installment in the Spider-Man trilogy would reveal how Parker really became Spidey and whether it was predestined in his DNA or not. However, some investigation revealed that key scenes were cut out of the first film, so now we have three more chances to find out the truth.

2. The Sinister Six!
It's been rumored that the series was leading up to the joining of this clan of super-villains in possibly the third installment. Since Rhys Ifans' The Lizard was left alive at the end of "The Amazing Spider-Man," it seems a likely possibility he could return as a part of the Sinister gang alongside the villains we can expect to meet in the second film: Colm Feore's Vulture, Jamie Foxx's Electro, Paul Giamatti's Rhino, and Chris Cooper's Green Goblin. Now only the sixth villain is left up to more speculation. Could it be Mysterio? The Scorpion? Kraven the Hunter? We'll just have to wait and see...

3. Doctor Octopus
If our Sinister Six predictions are correct -- and if the films follow the comic books -- then we'll be seeing Doctor Octopus very soon. Since Doc-Oc was the one who rallied up Spider-Man's various enemies to create The Sinister Six, it only seems right that he shows up. Alfred Molina played the four-mechanical-armed villain in the Sam Raimi films, but who can we picture bringing him to life again in Webb's?

4. More Garfield, obviously.
With the first film bringing in over $750 million worldwide, it was nearly a given that the world had a new official Spider-Man, and it was Garfield. Since he'll be slinging across the city in the next film, it's very likely the Spidey suit won't be worn by anyone else for a while.

5. More Shailene Woodley
Woodley's Mary-Jane Watson will be introduced in "The Amazing Spider-Man 2." Since that film will be following the story arc of this famous Spidey comic book, we'll most likely be seeing more of Woodley in the final two installments.

6. A Venom reboot
Raimi gave Venom the Symbiote a shot in his third Spider-Man film, but that got lost in the rest of the mess from that film. Perhaps we'll see a return of the alien character and maybe it'll even make way for a Venom movie of its own (probably no more Topher Grace, though).

The Amazing Spider-Man Rhino Reveal Trailer
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