Prolific Tweeter Russell Crowe is in talks to do double duty as both the star and first-time director of "The Water Diviner," reports Deadline.

The period drama tells the story of a dad on the hunt for his sons, two soldiers who've disappeared after fighting for the Allied forces in Gallipoli during WWI. Like Crowe, his character is Australian, so filming will take place down under and in Turkey, where the battle of Gallipoli was fought.

Crowe's been looking for a directorial gig for a while, and even confirmed last year that he was attached to direct a biopic about the late Bill Hicks. He was also "seriously considering" starring in and directing "77," as well as "The Long Green Shore" and a feature about a surf gang called the Bra Boys. (Crowe narrated a documentary about the gang, and his wife reportedly wasn't too thrilled about him becoming more involved.) This is sort of a will-he-or-won't-he situation at this point.

Crowe's next major film, the Darren Aronofsky epic "Noah," in which he plays the titular arc-builder, sails into theaters March 28, 2014. He also has a role in "Winter's Tale," an adaptation of the novel by Mark Helprin, though production was stalled by Hurricane Sandy. You can currently catch him as Superman's father, Jor-El, in "Man of Steel."

[via Deadline]
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