When about 30 young actresses arrived at a casting call for what was billed as a role in a movie called "May the Best Man Win," they were asked to do everything from perform in blackface to mimic Hitler, reveals the L.A. Times.

Turns out the whole thing was a "Borat"-like stunt for a film -- the real "May the Best Man Win," from London-based production company What If It Barks Films -- in which two men attempt to outdo one another by staging an escalating series of elaborate pranks. The audition was actually for a movie within the movie about the women who get punked.

"The joke is, 'Will these women audition for a part that they think is immorally reflected?'" explained executive producer Oliver Obst.

Naturally, a number of the actresses were less than pleased to have wasted their time, especially given that they were asked to do offensive things as part of the audition, which for some included shouting Nazi propaganda.

"Every day as unknown working actors, we go to these cattle calls, and take time off work, but that's not what is upsetting," said one of the women, Katey Zouck. "What is upsetting is that we did all that and it turned out they were making fun of us. I felt like an idiot actress. I felt violated."

Unlike Zouck, several women agreed to allow their footage to be used in the film.

"Quite a few of those girls were more than happy to be involved, and we have some fantastic footage from them," said producer and What If It Barks Films co-founderRay Marshall. "Whether we are officers of good taste or bad taste is neither here nor there -- it's the style of an edgy comedy. It's intended to be funny."

An unapologetic Obst added, "Someone was nominated for an Oscar for playing Hitler, so I don't see what the issue is."

[via L.A. Times]

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