If you've seen the self-referential comedy "This Is The End," then you know how funny Michael Cera can be as a coked-out version of himself. The actor's on the hunt for something more hallucinogenic in his upcoming indie movie "Crystal Fairy," but the results look just as hilarious.

Set in Chile, "Crystal Fairy" follows Cera and his buddies as they bumble around the countryside, attempting to find and ingest the mescaline-laced San Pedro cactus. Gabby Hoffman, playing the titular character, is a wild free spirit who conversely inspires and enrages the crew. (People were falling all over themselves praising her performance at Sundance.)

The movie, directed by Sebastian Silva ("The Maid"), looks funny and charming and almost surreal in its oddness. Sundance Selects will release the film, which took home the festival's directing prize for World Cinema - Dramatic, on July 12.
Crystal Fairy - Trailer No.1

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