Brendan Fraser wants a movie, and -- like fellow celebs Kristen Bell, Zach Braff, and James Franco -- he wants your money to make it. But unlike Bell, Braff, and Franco, he's a little hazy on the details.

In a new parody video for The Onion's celebrity gossip program "Starfix," Fraser launches a hilariously inept Kickstarter campaign, which begins with an absurd tweet: "I would like to apply for one Kickstarter, please."

The "Mummy" star fleshes out his ask over on his blog, writing, "My friend Zach told me that Kickstarter is giving him money to make a movie. I would also like a movie, please. It will be a good, fun movie and star me, Brendan Fraser. If I win, I will make sure the story is inspirational to poor people."

To sweeten the deal, Fraser promises he'll jazz dance in the movie; send 19 people his own T-shirts (he has 20, but he needs one for himself); and visit your home and stay for as long as he can, among other things.

Even more ridiculous, his official application to Kickstarter includes a headshot, a handwritten cover letter, jelly beans, and a VHS copy of "Monkey Bone."

The gag -- which doesn't actually star the living, breathing Fraser; he's simply a foil -- ends with the "news" that Fraser has raised over $1 million so far, despite providing zero details on his proposed film.

Brendan Fraser: 'I Would Like To Apply For One Kickstarter, Please'

Another celebrity to have gotten in on the Kickstarter send-up bandwagon is "The League"'s Jon LaJoie, who solicits money in a joke YouTube clip on a bid to get "Jay-Z rich."
[via The Onion h/t Variety]
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