Iron Man may have stolen moviegoers' hearts, but he's also been stealing a lot of money -- or at least people dressed like him have, according to a news round-up over at Yahoo.

A man wearing an Iron Man mask held up a bank in Florida last week, brandishing a gun and demanding cash before making his escape in a maroon car (which is a far cry from a flying suit). And another masked man, dubbed the "Iron Man bandit," held up a Citibank in San Clemente, California in May.

While it's common for criminals to disguise themselves, the recent rash of bad guys who've turned to superheroes to do so is a pretty strange coincidence. Yahoo's report says that Spider-Man has also been the victim of identity theft recently, with robbers dressed as the webslinger in South Carolina and Washington, D.C., stealing laptops and cash from a computer store and bank.

With all these crooks ready and willing to portray Tony Stark, it's probably a good thing Robert Downey Jr. has already locked up his contract to play the inventor in the next two "Avengers" films. Still, Downey Jr. had better watch his back -- a lot of these criminals are still on the loose, and if their thirst for cash is any indication, his huge paychecks are probably looking pretty good to them right now.

[via Yahoo! Movies]

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