Director Roland Emmerich a.k.a. the master of blowing up everything in sight, has destroyed the world too many times to remember. From "Independence Day" to "2012" to "Godzilla," the filmmaker has rounded up an incalcuable body count, some very hefty budgets, and a whole lot of OMG moments.

Since his new movie "White House Down," which hits theaters this Friday, seems like it's only going to add to the crazy, chaotic destruction we love Emmerich for, we've created a handy by-the-numbers guide from his movies to help prepare you. (Plus, now that "ID2" and "3" are in talks, it's time to refresh your memory.)

Total budget of his films: $925 million (estimated)

Total box office gross of his films: $3,010.4 billion (approximately)

Total landmarks destroyed: 22

Number of New York City landmarks destroyed: 6 (Empire State, Statue of Liberty, Chrystler, Brooklyn Bridge, MetLife, Flatiron)

Number of times each landmark has been destroyed:

  • The Hollywood Sign: 1
  • Capital Records building: 1
  • US Bank Tower: 2
  • U.S. Capitol Building: 1
  • Washington Monument: 1
  • Monuments in the Vatican: 2
  • Rio de Janeiro's Christ the Redeemer Statue: 1
  • The White House: 3

Different ways his movies tried to end the world: 10

People looting while Godzilla wreaks havoc in "Godzilla": 2 (at least)

Giant ships flipped over: 2

Freeways demolished: 2 (at least)

Number of missiles used in "ID4": 1,549

People sitting in their cars staring at disaster coming toward them: Infinity

Alien chases in the Grand Canyon: 1

Helicopters destroyed: 6

Volcanos erupted: 2

Earthquakes: 6

Limos destroyed: 2

RVs escaping explosions: 1

Planes escaping disasters: 3

Mammoth herds: 1

Ostrich attacks: 1

People crawling out of cracks in the road: 1

Depressing I'm-about-to-die phone conversations: 3

Times Will Smith would rather be at a BBQ than killing aliens: 1

Dogs surviving tunnel explosions: 1

Times the Randy's Donuts sign rolled across the street: 1

Presidents in danger/killed: 4

Presidents who lead jet fighter attacks on alien ships: 1

Presidents wearing Jordans (that they kick people in the face with): 1

BONUS: "The Patriot" Edition
Redcoat soldiers killed by Mel Gibson to save Heath Ledger:

White House Down Trailer No. 2
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