Blockbuster director Roland Emmerich ("White House Down,""2012,""Independence Day") is Moviefone's Guest Editor from June 24 - 28. Look for more videos -- and some "White House Down" secrets -- from him throughout the week.
Roland Emmerich: Why I Love Movies

Roland Emmerich can recall, in detail, the exact moment he fell in love with movies.

As a kid, while visiting the U.S., he and his family went to a drive-in movie theater, an experience he'd never had in his native Germany. The movie that was playing that night sucked him in -- it was too late, he'd been bitten by the film bug.

In the video above, Emmerich recalls the night he really fell in love with movies, reveals the action epic that ignited his passion for filmmaking, and explains why movies affect us all.

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