Moviefone is thrilled to have director Roland Emmerich as our guest editor all week, and we are even more thrilled to learn the "White House Down" secrets he is revealing exclusively to us! That's right. Each day this week we'll reveal a juicy secret Emmerich told us about his new movie on the Moviefone Twitter page. But in order to find out these important factoids, you'll need to unlock them first.

Follow along with Moviefone's Twitter page and the hashtag #WhiteHouseSecrets all week for clues, commands and teases, and keep your eyes peeled for messages like this: And what kind of secrets could you potentially unlock this week?
Monday, June 24: What was Channing Tatum's secret obsession during filming?
Tuesday, June 25: How was Jamie Foxx a nonstop secret showman on set?
Wendesday, June 26: What are the secret dangers of "White House Down's" fight scenes?
Thursday, June 27: Who was surprising secret director of an explosive car chase?
Friday, June 28: Why does "White House Down" have a secret connection to a classic summer blockbuster?

The secrets only gets revealed if you follow the commands, so make sure you follow, retweet, and retweet some more!

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