Last week, Brad Pitt was already predicting there could be a sequel to his zombie flick "World War Z," telling a reporter there was still plenty of material to mine from Max Brooks's book. Now, it looks like Pitt's premonition was correct, as Paramount just announced it's moving forward on a follow-up to the surprise hit.

The film scared up an unexpected $111.8 million international debut last weekend -- earning $66 million domestically -- and was the biggest opening of Pitt's career. That success follows a troubled shooting process in which the entire third act had to be reworked, forcing extensive reshoots and moving its premiere date from December 2012 to June 2013.

Despite those setbacks, the film outperformed expectations on opening weekend, leading Paramount to once again explore the possibility of a sequel, or perhaps a return to the original plan for a trilogy. In a statement to the Hollywood Reporter, Paramount vice chairman Rob Moore touted Pitt's commitment to the project as a key factor in the film's success.

"I think the movie captured the public's imagination with something that is fresh and different," Moore said. "And certainly, Brad gave a superb performance."

There's no indication yet what direction the next film may go in, though SlashFilm notes that the franchise could return to Brooks's original vision, which was a series of vignettes showing different people's lives in the wake of the zombie apocalypse. Either way, expect more undead and more Pitt in the future.

[via THR h/t SlashFilm]

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