Think Bette Midler's soaring rendition of "Wind Beneath My Wings" in the movie "Beaches" was heartbreaking? Prepare to go through an entire tissue box, then.

The Grammy- and Emmy-winning actress reportedly called a cancer-stricken fan and sang to her -- just days before the woman's untimely passing.

Anna Greenberg, a 28-year-old Tucson resident, was a longtime fan of Midler's. As she lay dying in the hospital from a rare form of cancer, she received an unexpected call from her idol.

"You're such an angel. You're such a wonderful soul and I am so glad that I got the chance to meet you," Midler said on the call, which was recorded by Greenberg's brother.

According to the Arizona Daily Star, the two first met late last year, when Midler invited Greenberg to the premiere screening of her movie "Parental Guidance." Greenberg was first diagnosed in October 2011 after completing a half-marathon and noticing her right leg was bigger than her left. Doctors told her she had rhabdomyosarcoma, a cancerous tumor that occurs in the muscles attached to the bones.

At the time, Greenberg worked as a community manager for the American Cancer Society. After the diagnosis, she took a leave from her job but continued to promote and advocate for young cancer patients.

When Greenberg's health deteriorated, Midler called her in the hospital. "I am so grateful," Greenberg said. "You have always brought me up when I was down, with many of your different songs."

Then, she requested Midler sing "Wind Beneath My Wings." Toward the end, Midler was so choked up she couldn't finish the song.

Greenberg died three days later, on May 28.

Watch the heartbreaking video below:

[via Arizona Daily Star]

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