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"White House Down," this summer's latest terrorists-take-over-the-White-House action flick, hits theaters this Friday (June 28), and one question that's been leveled at stars Jamie Foxx, Channing Tatum, and Maggie Gyllenhaal is whether President Obama is going to carve out time from his busy schedule to see the Roland Emmerich-directed film.

"Do you think that President Obama is actually going to see the movie and screen it?" Entertainment Tonight asks Foxx and Tatum in a recent sit-down (see video below).

"He actually asked for a DVD," replies Tatum, nodding.

While it's unclear if Obama was just being polite and actually has no intention of watching Tatum save Foxx's President Sawyer, one thing he's definitely seen is Foxx's spot-on POTUS impersonation. "Yeah, as a matter of fact he has [seen it]," Foxx quips in a decidedly Obama-esque tone.

Maggie Gyllenhaal, who plays Secret Service agent Carol Finnerty in "White House Down," believes Obama will appreciate the film. "I think he's gonna like it," she says. "The thing is, it's a party, this movie. It's definitely get out of the heat, get air conditioning, watch a movie, have a party kind of thing, but it's also saying some interesting things about the world, about America."

However, Gyllenhaal seems to have enjoyed her collaboration with Foxx and Tatum more than the final explosive product. "Channing is hot," she gushes. "But I loved Jamie. Jamie would make me laugh so hard that Roland would have to come on the helicopter and say, 'Stop making her laugh.'"

Talk about a lucky lady.

Lucky for us, Tatum assures ET that "Magic Mike 2" is happening -- and soon. "It's definitely going to happen next year," he says.

This year would be preferable, but we'll take what we can get.
Will Obama See 'White House Down'?

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