Blockbuster director Roland Emmerich ("White House Down,""2012,""Independence Day") is Moviefone's Guest Editor from June 24 - 28. Look for more videos -- and some "White House Down" secrets -- from him throughout the week.
Roland Emmerich: Movies That Shaped My Childhood (Guest Editor Series)Roland Emmerich can point to a handful of films that helped shape his childhood. And, if you're a fan of the big-budget director, the names of those movies should come as no surprise.

From "Planet of the Apes" to "The Towering Inferno," Emmerich's adolescence was filled with big-budget action and disaster epics that have clearly influenced his mode of filmmaking. But there's one movie that kept him going back to the theater over and over, a film that he still loves and struggles to fully understand to this day.

In the video above, the director reveals the name of the mind-boggling movie, what he considers "the holy grail of filmmaking," and why he's drawn to movies with "many, many characters."

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White House Down
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A police officer (Channing Tatum) must save the president from a heavily armed paramilitary group. Read More

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