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Rambo and the Terminator are teaming up again at the multiplex, this time to bust out of jail, in the new trailer for "Escape Plan."

Sylvester Stallone plays famed escape artist Ray Breslin, who volunteers to be locked up in a fancy new prison in order to identify its weaknesses for authorities. But something goes awry, and instead Breslin is captured and brought to The Tomb, a seemingly impenetrable facility where he comes face to face with a warden he's never met (Jim Caviezel) and the realization that someone wants the prison to live up to its name.

Breslin joins forces with his cellmate, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, to hatch a plan to bust out and discover who's behind Breslin's frame-up and why. It actually seems like a pretty cool concept, once you can overlook the cheesy dialogue -- "You don't look that smart," Arnie says to Sly; "You don't, either," Sly retorts -- and the '80s action heroes' past problematic performances. (The last time the duo appeared together on the big screen was in 2012's "The Expendables 2.")

The supporting cast is solid, with Caviezel oozing creepy confidence as the warden and a bespectacled 50 Cent helping Amy Ryan figure out just where Breslin is being held. The film should make for a fun alternative to the Oscar bait that's due to hit theaters around its release.
Escape Plan- Trailer No.1
"Escape Plan" breaks into multiplexes Oct. 18.

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