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Are you ready for "The Heat"? Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy put the pedal to the metal in this action-filled comedy from "Bridesmaids" director Paul Feig.

Sarah Ashburn (Bullock) is an FBI agent with a great professional track record -- and she won't let anyone forget it. Her boss sends her to Boston to head an investigation of a local drug lord, in conjunction with the local police; if she manages to snag the baddies and not alienate everyone she works with, she could get a big promotion.

Shannon Mullins (McCarthy) is the local detective working with Ashburn. The stakes are especially high for Mullins, because her brother Jason (Michael Rapaport) might be returning to his old drug-dealing ways now that he's out of prison. And guess who put him there? Mullins is one tough cookie. She's got a veritable arsenal in her refrigerator at home, a mouth like a drunken sailor, and dance moves that make the men swoon. Ashburn, on the other hand, can't even bring herself to drop an F bomb.

Below, we run down 10 things you should know about "The Heat."

WARNING: Mild spoilers to follow.

1. It Earns That R Rating
Think the red-band trailer seemed kinda raunchy? Hold on to your socks, because writer Katie Dippold's script makes use of all sorts of inventive phrases and insults you'll want to write down for later. Bullock and McCarthy's riffs will definitely make for hilarious DVD extras.

2. It's a Little Bloody
"Bridesmaids" had all the bodily functions, but "The Heat" brings the blood and plasma. They're cops, doing cop things. That means car chases, the occasional flesh wound, and even a grenade or two. OK, there's also a touch of amateur surgery. Even Mullins and Ashburn gag a little.

3. Yeah, That's Joey McIntyre
Yes, Shannon's little brother Peter is played by the former New Kid on the Block in all his Bostonian glory. Jessica Chaffin and Jamie Denbo, two hilarious comics who appear in "The Heat" as the R-dropping girlfriends of the Mullins' brothers, tipped Feig off about the singer's comedy chopsfromin this Funny or Die clip called "MA Men." Chaffin, who plays Peter's bodacious girlfriend Gina, also appeared in "MA Men." Wicked awesome.

4. They're "Bad Girls"
The soundtrack is full of tough-talkin' ladies, including the ever-present M.I.A., whose tune was also used in McCarthy's "Identity Thief" this past winter. In addition to M.I.A., you'll hear a very censored version of Azealia Banks's "212," as well as songs from Kreayshawn, Angel Haze, and, uh, Dee-Lite. What? Groove is in the heart!

5. Mullins Is an Agent of Free Love
Shannon Mullins is a fighter, for sure, but she's also a lover. Unfortunately for the men in her life, she's more of the love-'em-and-leave-'em type. As Mullins and Ashburn go about their investigation, they run into a few guys that Mullins has left starry-eyed and smitten, which makes for some very awkward small talk. Keep an eye out for McCarthy's real-life husband, Ben Falcone, as one of Mullins' conquests.

6. This Albino Isn't Evil, He's Just a Jerk
Blame it on Dan Brown. One of Mullins's favorite targets is Craig (Dan Bakkedahl) the albino DEA agent. Actually, it's not just that Craig is an albino; it's that he's a condescending putz who hates people infringing on his case, especially if those people are women.

7. Boston Accents Will Never Not Be Funny to Non-Bostonians
Ashburn isn't the only one scratching her head at the Mullins family gathering. "Narc," "c*ck," and "retarded" are just a few choice words that are played for laughs by the Massholes. For the record, "nuggies" are chicken nuggets.

8. Keep an Eye Out for Feig and Dippold
You could blink and miss them, but the director and writer do appear near the very end, and yes, they are subjected to various abuses by Mullins.

9. Marlon Wayans is Pretty Adorable
As Agent Levy, Wayans is sweetly dorky enough to flub asking Ashburn out to dinner but smart enough to call her on her BS. Maybe he should abandon all those parody movies and look for more leading man romcom roles!

10. Naturally, Ashburn and Mullins Make a Great Team
When all is said and done, they can quiz suspects, gather evidence, and party all night long with aplomb. Mullins gives Ashburn the real talk she needs, and Ashburn helps Mullins open up emotionally. Aw!

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