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Hint: The male celeb is pure magic, and the famous lady is sinfully fantastic.

According to a WeTV survey of 1,000 couples who've been married fewer than seven years, the majority of women would jump into bed with Channing Tatum, if given the chance, and most men would use their hypothetical hall pass on Jessica Alba, reports HuffPost.

Commanding 29 percent of the female vote, Tatum carved out a comfortable lead over Ryan Gosling, who came in second with 20 percent, as well as Adam Levine and Leonardo DiCaprio, who tied for third with 17 percent each. Alba earned 34 percent, but it was a close race: Hot on her heels were Mila Kunis, with 32 percent, and then Megan Fox and Kate Upton, who both earned 28 percent.

When the pool of people surveyed is widened to include everyone, regardless of relationship status, Gosling and Kunis get their comeuppance. A March 2013 Details poll found that most people -- married or otherwise -- want to get crazy-stupid-sexy with Gosling or work the "benefits" angle with Kunis.

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