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Amid murmurings of a "Bridesmaids" sequel in the works, including one without original star and co-writer Kristen Wiig, Wiig has revealed why she said no to what would have been a lucrative franchise.

"We knew during the first one, this was it," she explains in a new profile article for Harper's Bazaar. "We would have made a lot of money if there was a second one, but that's not my goal in my creative life."

The actress, who also has three comedies hitting theaters later this year -- "Girl Most Likely" (out July 19), "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" (out this Christmas), and "Anchorman 2" (also out in December) -- adds that it "wasn't a hard decision."

Sequel talk gained momentum as the comedy raked in nearly $300 million at the box office, with director Paul Feig expressing an interest in signing on for more. However, the potential follow-up's future became far less clear when reports of a Wiig-less movie began circulating.

"We are over the moon with the success of 'Bridesmaids,' and if we do a sequel we want to get it right," a Universal rep told The Hollywood Reporter back in January 2012, neither confirming nor denying rumors that the studio would develop a franchise without the women who created it: Wiig and her writing partner, Annie Mumolo. "We are talking to filmmakers now about concepts, and if the right one emerges, we'll move forward."

Producer Judd Apatow added, "The key is we have to come up with an idea that is as good or better than the first one. We don't want to do it unless it can be great."

But according to a source, Apatow cares more about Wiig and Mumolo than the concept. "I don't think [Judd] would proceed without Kristen and Annie's full participation," the insider said.

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