Johnny Depp, whose new movie, "The Lone Ranger," comes out later this week, turned 50 last month, marking his 29th year making movies. The Oscar nominee has had an unusual career, one marked by a persistent rejection of mainstream fare and conventional roles. But he somehow managed to act his way to the top of the A-list, playing a drunken, squinting pirate inspired by Keith Richards, for goodness sake.

He's become so identified with "quirky" roles that it's now a cliché, especially when audiences see he's in yet another Tim Burton film. Case in point: he told the LA Times in 2009 that his usual prep in finding a character includes painting a watercolor "to help him find the face and personality."

In honor of the debut of his latest idiosyncratic character, Tonto, in "Lone Ranger (and to show he's done a few films that weren't directed by Burton) we've ranked his performances from least eccentric to the most wigged-out, behatted, and over-the-top of his career.

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