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A new trailer for Neill Blomkamp's "Elysium" dropped this week, giving audiences yet another sneak peek into the film's complicated class system and brewing rebellion.

Matt Damon plays a wisecracking, hard-nosed member of the poorer working class that lives on Earth, which has become a rundown shell of its former self. He's suddenly exposed to some sort of radiation while on the job, giving him only five days to live unless he can make it to Elysium for treatment -- the only problem being that citizens of Earth aren't allowed to mix with the privileged class that lives on the pristine space station.

That sets in motion an epic clash between Damon's Max and Jodie Foster, the steely leader of Elysium who will stop at nothing to protect her floating utopia, which is free of poverty, disease, and war. (Though by the looks of it, not for long.)

"Elysium" seems to be trying to mix brainy commentary on classism with the shock and awe of an action flick, much like Blomkamp's "District 9." We'll see how well it succeeds in its mission when it's released on August 9.

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