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Today and throughout the week at Moviefone, we're celebrating the unsung, hard-won, I've-maxed-out-my-credit-cards-to-finance-this world of independent filmmaking. We'll publish features that explore, expose, and explain today's independent movies. We call it "Independents Day." Get it? It's clever, right? We thought so. Read on.

Today's definition of independent film has grown hazy. But there are still a number of distinct (and obvious) differences that set it apart from Hollywood blockbusters, such as budgets, concepts, and a focus on character development instead of plot.

Of course, stories are stories, and they can be told in various ways. Mainstream and indie films may produce disparate results, but they both tackle the same ideas, situations, and subjects.

To celebrate this diversity, check out a selection of some of the year's biggest movies, each paired with an independent counterpart from the past. If you love the Hollywood title, then we recommend checking out its indie equivalent.

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Night of the Living Dead 3D - Trailer #1
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