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Today and throughout the week at Moviefone, we're celebrating the unsung, hard-won, I've-maxed-out-my-credit-cards-to-finance-this world of independent filmmaking. We'll publish features that explore, expose, and explain today's independent movies. We call it "Independents Day." Get it? It's clever, right? We thought so. Read on.

You may think films that get the "indie" label slapped on them star a bunch of unknown actors, but we're here to change that assumption.

Some of our biggest movie stars -- and we bet some of your favorite actors -- kicked off their career with films made outside of Hollywood's major studios. From Ewan McGregor to Jennifer Aniston, a few of these actors have waved goodbye to their indie days, while others still occasionally return to their independent roots.

Below, take a look at 12 A-list actors' small beginnings. You may even discover some films you never know were indie.

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