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Russell Crowe's million+ Twitter followers received quite the surprise yesterday when a photo of a naked woman's nether parts appeared in the actor's feed -- a far cry from Crowe's typical innocuous tweets about his daily workouts.

Once Crowe realized that he'd been hacked, he removed the offending/titillating post and issued a quick apology: "Hey, I don't know what that was," the "Man of Steel" star wrote. "Just having a chat with Dani when the phone went ballistic. Sorry, gone."

"Dani" is his estranged wife, Danielle Spencer, who's on a trip to L.A. with Crowe and their two sons, Charles and Tennyson. The family was recently spotted out to dinner at the Polo Lounge in Beverly Hills on June 27.

Crowe's Twitter last made headlines in early March, when he linked to a video of what he believed was a UFO sighting. No hacker was to blame for that one.

[via E! News]

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