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As little as $3 could get you a date -- a platonic one, to be clear -- with Kristen Bell. Earlier this year the actress took to Kickstarter to raise $5.7 million to fund a "Veronica Mars" movie, and now she's using another fundraising platform, Prizeo, to solicit charitable donations for Invisible Children, a nonprofit aimed at stopping warlord Joseph Kony's reign of terror in Central and East Africa.

"There are two things I really care about: the 'Veronica Mars' movie getting made and changing the world," she begins in an adorable video plea, below. "You guys are already getting the'Veronica Mars' movie made. Well played. Now I want you to change the world with me."

The people Invisible Children aims to help aren't the only ones set to benefit from Bell's efforts. Different levels of funding qualify donors for a range of sweet swag, and that's not even taking into account the potential grand prize: the date with Bell herself.

"Not my date like we're going to hook up," she clarifies. "But my date like we'll sit at the table together. Maybe we'll hold hands. I don't know. We'll see how the night goes."

Bell already has the affair all mapped out: She and the lucky winner will spend four days at the Fourth Estate Leadership Summit -- a human rights conference sponsored by Invisible Children, set to take place August 8-11 -- where they'll eat, dance, watch movies, mingle with other celebs, and generally have their minds blown.

"Invisible Children started as a promise from its founders to a young boy in Uganda that they would do everything in their power to stop Joseph Kony and his army from abducting children and terrorizing an entire region," Bell writes on her Prizeo page. "The organization has been close to my heart since I saw their first film and it's an honor to have become a part of this story that is saving lives and defining a generation. I hope you join us."

Watch on, and enjoy the cameos from "Veronica Mars" star Ryan Hansen and one of Bell's dogs.

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