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One problem with the upcoming action epic "Pacific Rim" is not everyone knows exactly what it's about. If you're one of these people, then this new featurette entitled "Under Attack" should clear up things up.

In the teaser, star Charlie Hunnam, who plays lead human Raleigh Beckett, explains, "The kaiju war has been waging for 20 years." Kaiju are what the humans call the giant monsters that have risen from the Pacific Ocean to bombard major cities across the world. To combat this sea-dwelling menace, humans have created Jaegers, equally giant robots piloted by two people; the pilots "drift," sharing a psychic link between themselves and the robot. For a while this works, but at the start of the movie, the human race is having its ass handed to it.

Director Guillermo del Toro says, "There are two great genre movies: the giant monster movie, or kaiju movie, and the giant robot movie. In terms of spectacles, this is a movie that combines both of those subgenres."

But the point of the featurette is to underline the fact that the movie really is about characters. Yes, it's full of giant monsters battling giant robots, but you'll come to care about the men and women inside the giant robots.

While some of the nitty-gritty about the world of "Pacific Rim" is left obscured, the featurette offers a compelling look at the movie's central battle.

Now catch the latest trailer, which emphasizes the neural bond between man and Jaeger. "Two thousand five hundred tons of awesome!"

"Pacific Rim" invades theaters July 12.

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