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Vanessa Hudgens is light years away from "High School Musical" in this disturbing teaser clip from her upcoming thriller "The Frozen Ground."

The movie, which focuses on the real-life 1980s hunt for serial killer Robert Hansen in Alaska, stars Nicolas Cage as Sgt. Jack Halcombe, the detective spearheading the quest to end Hansen's murder spree, which claimed as many as 21 young women. Hudgens co-stars as Hansen survivor Cindy Paulson, and John Cusack menaces as the infamous serial slayer.

In the following scene, an obviously rattled Hudgens quietly recounts her terrifying brush with Hansen in a sitdown with Cage's Halcombe. "He took me to his place," she recalls, crying. "He called it his den. It was more of a dungeon."

The film is set to hit theaters Aug. 23. Watch the full trailer below:

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The Frozen Ground
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