'The Sidekick' poster
Being Robin has its perks, chief among them the sweet hang time with Batman, but for the most part fighting crime as a superhero sidekick isn't all it's cracked up to be.

In "The Sidekick," a superhero short starring Rob Benedict (who also wrote the film), Ron Livingston, Lizzy Caplan, Josh Meyers, Ian Barinholtz, and others, a slew of number twos in tights lament their chosen line of work while also setting out to be the best they can be. But in the case of Benedict's Max McCabe, an unemployed and glaringly inept sidekick, his best may not be good enough.

"Sidekicks are a dying breed," says Barinholtz's Spandex-wearing character. "We have no relevance in this digital age."

"The Sidekick" will premiere at San Diego Comic-Con on July 18, where Benedict hopes to drum up interest for more from his quirky characters.

"Comic-Con has become a breeding ground for what's next in entertainment, and we're looking forward to diving into the next phase after our premiere," Benedict said in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter. "There is so much more to be done with this concept and no shortage of distribution platforms on which to do it."


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