David LynchDavid Buchan/Getty

David Lynch directed the music video for the Nine Inch Nails single "Came Back Haunted," and it's one serious sensory overload.

The "Mulholland Drive" and "Blue Velvet" director's video comes with an epilepsy warning, and it's immediately obvious why: It flashes through a string of creepy images, strobe-light-style, ultimately reading as a four-minute distillation of "Lynchian" filmmaking. In other words, it's super intense and resistant to easy interpretation.

Aside from being a famously surrealistic director, a controversial modus operandi that has earned him praise and criticism in equal measure, Lynch is also a recording artist. His latest album, "The Big Dream," is out July 16 -- and it features Lykke Li on a bonus track.

Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor produced the soundtrack for Lynch's 1997 movie "Lost Highway."

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