The trailer for the literary-minded rom-com "Austenland" poses the question, "What separates the casual Jane Austen fan from the aficionado?" The answer: all-out obsession.

Keri Russell plays Jane Hayes, whose life-consuming affection for all things Austen -- and "Pride and Prejudice" leading man Mr. Darcy in particular -- has turned off friends and lovers alike. What's a girl to do but seek out other obsessives and live out her Regency Era dreams?

That leads Jane to Austenland, run by a marvelously costumed Jane Seymour, which prides itself on being a totally immersive Austen experience. Attendees dress in traditional costumes, sleep in traditional chambers, and carry on traditional activities -- though that means cash-strapped Jane, who only sprung for the "basic" package, ends up in the servants' quarters.

"I'm going to take charge of my story," Jane declares, setting her sights on a Darcy stand-in (J.J. Feild) while being pursued by another ("Flight of the Conchords"'s Bret McKenzie). It looks like delicious fun, and the presence of Jennifer Coolidge -- playing to type as a bawdy, clueless member of the elite Austenland class -- ensures plenty of laughs.

"Austenland" opens August 16.

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