Elysium Motion PostSony

Welcome to "Elysium" week on Moviefone! From July 8 - 12, we're featuring brand-new, exclusive content from the Matt Damon sci-fi epic, opening August 9.

To kick off "Elysium" week, we've got a whole lot of action for you happening -- and it's all happening at once.

The exclusive motion poster features seven short clips from "Elysium" playing over an image of hellbent-on-kicking-butt Matt Damon. There's a lot going on in each short clip, from Damon and Sharlto Copley blasting each other with some impressive firepower, to an angry-looking Jodie Foster, who plays Elysium's Secretary.

The latest adventure from Neill Blomkamp ("District 9") features car thief-turned-factory worker Max (Matt Damon) stuck on a ruined Earth in year 2154. When Max learns that he only has five days to live -- the result of an accident -- he chooses to battle his way into the wealthy utopian planet Elysium to fight for his life and the lives of everyone on Earth.

The sensory overload of this poster has us excited for Blomkamp's futuristic world. Check it out below!

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