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Ryan Reynolds is ready for the next chapter of his life: parenthood.

The 36-year-old actor, who tied the knot with Blake Lively, 25, in a hush-hush ceremony this past September, revealed to Details that they both want a bevy of kids. "We'd love to have a big family," he said. "We both come from big families -- my parents did four, Blake's did five. A lot of people say it's crazy, but we'll only know when we're there, you know? We'll walk through that fire pretty happily, I think."

As long as they have at least one girl, that is. The youngest of four brothers, Reynolds hopes he's not going to father all boys. "I'm terrified that I'm genetically predisposed to only having boys," he joked. "That's frightening."

But he's realistic about the inherent messiness of having kids, boys or otherwise. "I think you have to let go of this idea that you can be precious about everything, and let it be the abstract mess that it is," he added.

Reynolds also opened up about his tendency toward privacy when it comes to discussing his romantic life. "I don't intentionally try to be evasive about that stuff," he said. "If you ask me to describe my relationship, I mean -- words are too clumsy to accurately describe how I feel in that regard, particularly in an interview. It's a strange thing. I understand the climate we live in and why people are curious. But it's just tough and almost emotionally violent -- for anyone, I think -- to see your personal life summarized in a sentence."

The man speaks from experience, having endured the media frenzies that accompanied the end of his engagement to Alanis Morissette and then his divorce from ex-wife Scarlett Johansson.

Reynolds, who's currently less buff than usual thanks to preparation for the movie "The Voices" ("I'm forbidden to go to a gym or expose my face to sun"), has two movies hitting theaters later this summer: "R.I.P.D." and "Turbo."

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