After a disastrous opening weekend, Disney is still reeling from what could be as much as a $160 million loss on the costly "The Lone Ranger."

The Johnny Depp-starring adaptation of the classic Western series, which cost a reported $225 million in production and marketing, was a huge flop, taking in just over $29 million domestically over the weekend, and $48.9 million since its debut Wednesday. Its international totals aren't much better, amounting to only $24.3 million abroad in that same five-day period.

Still, studio executives are banking on Depp's status as a worldwide superstar to help recoup the film's exorbitant price tag. "Ranger" has debuted in only 30 percent of its planned international markets so far, opening it up to the possibility that it could indeed move from the red to the black at some point in the not-too-distant future.

While reviews were bad, word of mouth has been relatively good, earning a B+ CinemaScore rating. Perhaps "Ranger" can ride into the semi-lucrative sunset based on popular opinion alone.

[via Daily Mail, THR]

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