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Welcome to "Elysium" week on Moviefone! From July 8 - 12, we're featuring brand-new, exclusive content from the Matt Damon sci-fi epic, opening August 9.

Neill Blomkamp's "Elysium" takes place in the future, with the poor stuck on a deteriorating Earth and the wealthy living in the sky on the high-tech Elysium. But what is so great about Elysium anyway?

Today we bring you six exclusive images and artwork from the film that take us on a trip to the lavish, glistening space station for the rich. Feel special because Elysium citizens are known for going to extreme measures (including death) to keep visitors out.

In this luxurious metropolis the citizens live the typical futuristic lifestyles you'd imagine, which include flying cars and instant curing medical machines.

Check out the Versace Med Pod (which sort of looks like a super fancy tanning booth) and the other gorgeous features of Elysium below.

Final set design for the Protocol Room
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Life on Elysium
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John Carlyle (William Fichtner) sits in his office at Armadyne
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Child looks up at Elysium from Earth
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Versace Med Pod for Elysium citizens to cure any disease
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Early Torus sketch created by Syd Mead
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