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While plenty of people the world over think Brad Pitt is one ridiculously lucky guy for being engaged to Angelina Jolie, Matt Damon believes otherwise. Not because he has anything against Jolie, but when one famous person hooks up with another famous person, everyone wants to know their business.

Damon touches on the perils of celebrity-falling-for-celebrity in an interview for Esquire's August 2013 issue, and he counts himself lucky to have tied the knot with a regular gal, wife Luciana Barroso, the mother of their four daughters (three biological, one from her previous marriage).

"I got lucky," he says. "I fell in love with a civilian. Not an actress and not a famous actress at that. Because then the attention doesn't double -- it grows exponentially. Because then suddenly everybody wants to be in your bedroom."

He adds that the paparazzi don't find him -- his married-with-children, regular-guy act -- all that interesting. "I don't really give them anything," he continues. "If I'm not jumping up and down on a bar, or lighting something on fire, or cheating on my wife, there's not really any story to tell. They can try to stake me out, but they're always going to get the same story -- middle-aged married guy with four kids. So as long as that narrative doesn't change too much, there's no appetite for it."

When it comes down to it, Damon actually feels kind of bad for Pitt. "I look at Brad -- and I have for years -- and when I'm with him I see the intensity of that other side of it," he says. "And the paparazzi and the insane level of aggression they have and their willingness to break the law and invade his space -- well, I wonder about that trade. I remember telling him that I walk my kids to school, and his face just fell. He was very kind, but he was like, 'You bastard.' Because he should be able to do that, too. And he can't."

Basically, it's not easy being Brangelina -- or one of their six kids.

Damon's next major movie, Neill Blomkamp's dystopian epic "Elysium," tears into theaters August 9.

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