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Spunky, sloth-lovin' Kristen Bell takes a turn for the dramatic in the upcoming indie "The Lifeguard."

When Bell's Leigh, who is resolutely 29 years old and not 30, ditches her life in the big city and moves back home, her wacky life decisions have a rippled effect on her circle of friends, including Mel (Mamie Gummer) and Todd (Martin Starr). At first, things are all fun and games; working as a lifeguard all day and boozing it up like in high school at night sounds good, right?

Even if you're acting like a teenager, it's still illegal to date them in most states. David Lambert plays Leigh's love interest, a young skateboarder with problems of his own.

"The Lifeguard" feels a little like last year's "Hello I Must Be Going," which stars Melanie Lynskey as a divorcee who moves back home and Christopher Abbott as her younger love interest. The love affair in "Hello" is legal, though, which is pretty key.

This is writer/director Liz W. Garcia's feature film debut. Her past credits include writing and producing "Memphis Beat" and "Cold Case." "The Lifeguard" will be available via video on demand July 30, and a limited theatrical run begins August 30.

The Lifeguard- Trailer No.1
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