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Trailers for "The Wolverine" have teased a fight sequence on top of a speeding Japanese bullet train, and now Fox has released an extended clip of the showdown between our mutant hero and a yakuza henchman.

It's a breathtaking clip that bounds along at breakneck speed -- much like the train on which it takes place -- with quick-cut editing and whip-fast movement that capture the intensity and inherent danger of the scene. Wolverine is ambushed on board the train by the aforementioned yakuza, and claws his way out of the car; he and his pursuer then make their way to the roof, where they jump, flip, and slide along the tops of the cars, keeping careful hold with their respective claws and knife.

Though it's sometimes hard to make out exactly what's happening, it's still an impressive sequence, both dizzying and electrifying. It ends on a throat-catching moment as Wolverine leaps into the air, speeding straight toward his attacker with claws out, ready to pounce and slash.

Whether or not he catches his prey is irrelevant; he's caught our attention. Expect more high-flying action when "The Wolverine" hits theaters July 26.

[via Indiewire]
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