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We've seen James McAvoy in plenty of different cinematic situations, from a doomed suitor in "Atonement" to a futuristic assassin in "Wanted," but his turn in "Filth" as a totally twisted Scottish copper is definitely something new.

As bigoted Bruce Robertson, McAvoy does drugs galore, beats people up, photocopies his naughty bits, gets up to all sorts of illicit shenanigans, and is generally a menace to the society he's supposed to protect. He's also investigating a murder and hoping for a promotion, as you do, in between struggling with his manic depression and many, many vices. Plus, he's abusive towards women and has a tapeworm. Bruce is, shall we say, an antihero.

The rest of the cast is rather impressive, as well: Jim Broadbent plays Bruce's doctor; Imogen Poots, his concerned co-worker; Jamie Bell, another cop; and Eddie Marsan, Bruce's nerdy friend. (Marsan has played rather disturbing characters in movies like "Happy-Go-Lucky" and "Tyrannosaur," so it's a relief to see him act like a drunken fool having a good time for once.)

If you can believe it, this trailer is slightly less raunchy (and has less vomit) than the international one that came out in June. It makes proper use of the song "Filthy and Gorgeous" by Scissor Sisters, and looks like a filthy good time.

"Filth" doesn't have a U.S. release date yet, but it opens in author Irvine Welsh's native Scotland on September 27.

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