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James Franco is in for a serious skewering.

The "This Is the End" actor took to Instagram last night to reveal that he's going to be the subject of Comedy Central's next roast. "Be sure you check it out," he says with minimal enthusiasm in the grainy video. "They wanted me to tell you that."

Franco's lack of excitement isn't surprising: Between his wide range of roles -- from his "Spring Breakers" gangster to his "Pineapple Express" pot dealer to "127 Hours" survivor Aron Ralston to various versions of himself -- and hyper-intellectualism, the man is ripe for roasting. Pretty much no one in Hollywood can match the actor-writer-director-student-professor-painter-philosopher hyphen for hyphen, which makes him an easy target.

Echoing that, Comedy Central president of content development Kent Alterman jokes, "If only James Franco was a more successful, multi-hyphenated, incessant creative risk taker in different media, he'd be the perfect person to roast. Oh well... I suppose we'll just have to make do."

Set to tape in L.A. in August, the special will premiere on Labor Day, to be followed by an airing of Franco's documentary "Francophrenia."

Franco will join the ranks of Roseanne Barr, Charlie Sheen, Donald Trump, David Hasselhoff, Joan Rivers, Bob Saget, Flavor Flav, and Pamela Anderson, who have all gamely endured Comedy Central's infamous roast. How he'll react and who will roast him remain to be seen. Perhaps he'll just appear as "himself"?

[via Instagram h/t Indiewire, NY Times]
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