Elysium - Clip No. 1

Elysium Week

Welcome to "Elysium" week on Moviefone! From July 8 - 12, we're featuring brand-new, exclusive content from the Matt Damon-starring epic, opening August 9.

Earlier this week we gave you a quick taste of Neill Blomkamp's futuristic action-packed "Elysium." But after all this talk you're probably still wondering, "What the heck is Elysium anyway?" Today we're bringing you an exclusive sneak peak into the utopian habitat that shares the name of the film's title.

In this new "Elysium" featurette, we get a look at how technologically-advanced life on Elysium really is. Writer-director Blomkamp reveals details about the futuristic space station and shares insight on the film's opposing worlds of wealth and poverty. Matt Damon, who plays Max, a factory worker determined to break into Elysium, also talks about being a citizen of future Earth.

Check out the featurette to hear Jodie Foster explain how Earth has become a third world planet and discover the incredible medical achievement Elysium offers its citizens.

"Elysium" blasts into theaters August 9.

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