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Kevin Bacon's role in "Footloose" made him a star, but that doesn't mean he wants to relive his dancing days every time he hears the movie's theme song.

In an interview on "Conan" this week, Bacon told the host that he often bribes wedding DJs not to play the song, slipping them a $20 if he hears that signature opening guitar riff. Whenever "Footloose" starts playing, Bacon said, a crowd forms around him, with everyone pointing and looking at him expectantly, urging him to bust out his signature dance moves.

"It's awful," Bacon lamented, adding that the unwanted attention usually angers the bride.

"First off, a wedding is not really about me, it's about the bride and the groom," he said. " ... So I try to avoid that [situation] if possible."

While we understand Bacon's reluctance to put on a show and piss off the wedding party, we can't help but think it would be pretty sweet to dance alongside the real-life Ren McCormack and relive the '80s classic. Guess we'll have to work on our moves by ourselves.

[via Vulture]
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