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This weekend is filled with entertainment for every type of moviegoer: the comedy fan, the sci-fi fan, and even the indie fan.

"Grown Ups 2" and "Pacific Rim" hit theaters Friday, as do some smaller, worth-your-while films.

Weekend Movie Preview - 07/11/2013

Adam Sandler's follow-up to 2010's "Grown Ups" takes the dysfunctional crew back to their hometown. Lenny (Sandler), a Hollywood agent, and his family have relocated to ensure his children have a grounded upbringing, and this time around the kids are teaching the grown ups a thing or two. David Spade, Kevin James, and Chris Rock are all back, along with a plenty of other familiar faces from Sandler's films.

If low-brow humor and sight gags aren't your thing, Guillermo del Toro's monster sci-fi flick "Pacific Rim" also hits theaters this weekend. Charlie Hunnam (of "Sons of Anarchy" fame) stars as a pilot of robots called Jaegers, which were created to battle the Kaijus, giant aliens who have invaded Earth. Idris Elba ("Thor," "Luther") also stars as the leader of the charge against the monstrous creatures, and Charlie Day ("Horrible Bosses") rounds out the cast as a scientist who is close to unlocking the secrets of the Kaijus.

Taking a break from the mainstream summer releases, "Fruitvale Station," "Crystal Fairy," and "V/H/S/2" also hit theaters in limited release this weekend.

Which movie are you heading to the theaters to see?

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