Moviefone Live!
The choice of what movie to see this weekend may be easy for some people: If you like tongue-in-cheek, low-brow comedy then "Grown Ups 2" is for you. If big action is your thing, go see "Pacific Rim."

But, for moviegoers who are indifferent to either genre and just want to be entertained, Moviefone is giving you the lowdown on which new flick is worth your time.

Mr. Moviefone, along with Moviefone writer Drew Taylor, sat down with HuffPost Live host Jacob Soboroff to discuss this weekend's big releases, as well as the smaller, Steve Carrell-starring movie "The Way, Way Back."

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Pacific Rim
Based on 48 critics

Human pilots use gigantic robots in a long-term war against legions of monstrous creatures. Read More